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Roundup of the trip through the largest country in the world

Before this trip I didn‘t know, what and how it‘s gonna be like. Originally I wanted to learn some Russian and also started with some lessions in Salzburg, but due to timing issues, I could only visit half of them. Also I‘ve heard some stories, that russians don‘t really know and foreign (european) languages. Continue reading Roundup of the trip through the largest country in the world

Train to Nizhny Novgorod

On Thursday it was time to leave Moscow to the next City… Nizhny Novgorod.

We made it quite early to the train station to get some food and check the right platform. Basically everything was working fine, but then 2 drunk russians stopped by and all our attention was payed to them. Then we recognized that a train, which had Nizhny Novgorod written on it left the train station. After 2 minutes we recognized that this would have been our train. Continue reading Train to Nizhny Novgorod


Well, to be honest, Moscow is by far the biggest city where I’ve ever been. Population is roughly 12 Million, so Vienna appears as a small village though. Nevertheless I got some good directions from my hostel and found it quite easily. Bigger problems I had in the beginning getting some russian money and getting used to the kyrillic letters. But this problem I solved as well. Continue reading Moscow