Well, to be honest, Moscow is by far the biggest city where I’ve ever been. Population is roughly 12 Million, so Vienna appears as a small village though. Nevertheless I got some good directions from my hostel and found it quite easily. Bigger problems I had in the beginning getting some russian money and getting used to the kyrillic letters. But this problem I solved as well.

On Sunday I had a quick look in Arbat street and then tried to get to Khimki Arena to watch ZSKA  Moscow – Tom Tomsk in the russian premier league. First I got lost in the metro system, but finally I made it to the stadium. Somehow I managed to buy the most expensive tickets in the stadium, but for 55€ I was sitting in the VIP Area and heard one of the loudest crowds ever. A couple of days later it turned out that I’ve seen the new russian champion. Some more facts on this will be found soon on

Monday was a quite chilly day. Basically I waited for Flo, a friend of mine from Salzburg to arrive in the afternoon. I had to change the hostel, but this was only a 15 minute walk away from my old residence. We had some beers in the evening before the worst night so far started. Millions and Millions of moscitos shared the apartment with us. Sleep was hard to find. Finally after some hours of sleep, we visited red square and the Kremlin. In the evening again some russian fast food at MyMy and some beers in maybe on of the cheapest bars in Moscow for less the  2€, which was quite a good price compared to the 7€ we paid the night before. As we did some moscitohunting before we left the hostel in the evening and closed the windows we could find some sleep this night. Wednesday afternoon we took it quite easy at Gorki Park.

On Thursday it was time to change the city again. But that’s a different story….

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