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First time Central America – Panama City

As the airport of Panama city was 40km outside of town and the bus into town would have taken more then two hours, I decided to take a taxi for 30$. First I got some stuff done in the hostel and then I walked down to the Coast where I was walking a round a bit. Ending up at the Fishmarket I had some great cebiche and as I wanted to order another one, the waiter misunderstood me somehow and 20 minutes later I found a big fried fish in front of me. It was very good, but made me ready for a siesta.
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back on the road again

When coming back from my last trip from Asia, I wasn’t really sure if this was already the end and if I should aim for a new job, or if I should go traveling again…

Checking different options after some weeks I decided to leave home again. First I wanted to go to Asia again and explore southeast Asia, but then I decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Not sure if I should start with Central or South America, as I currently have friends traveling in both regions, I decided to go to Argentina first…