Escaping the floods – flight to La Paz

So there was me, Tjerk, a guy from the Netherlands, Peter, a guy from Australia and Niamh, a girl form Ireland, heading to the bus station in La Serena on Sunday. Six hours later we arrived in Santiago and checked in in our hostel. In the evening we went for dinner to the „Party-Neighbourhood“ Bellavista. The next morning we left around 7am by Taxi to the airport.

Arrived at the airport, Peter found out, that his flight was at 9pm and not 9am, but he could by a new ticket and was on the same plane as us. When we were waiting for the boarding, there was a group of 20 people, who have met somehow in different locations and groups before. All with the plan to go to San Pedro by bus and now waiting for the plane to La Paz. After 2,5 hours we arrived in Iquique in the North of Chile. The airport was in the middle of the desert and so we decided to spend our 3hour stopover just in and around the airport.
On the plane to La Paz it was really strange to fly within 45 minutes from sealevel up to an altitude of 4000m. Some people on the plane had problems with the altitude, but fortunately I didn‘t feel much, only that breathing wasn‘t that easy as before.

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