one of the biggest waterfalls in the world – Iguazu

After a two night journey on the bus with a break in Concordia, I finally arrived in Puerto Iguazu. The hostel was quite close to the Bus Terminal and as it was not even 9am and my room wasn‘t ready, I decided to go to the Argentinian side of the falls straight away.

After one hour on the bus, I arrived at the entrance of the park and started to walk around in the park. After every corner the views got more and more impressive. I have definitely never seen so much water coming down at once. The highlight of that day was visiting el Gargante del Diablo. Almost in the middle of the falls, I was very close to the water. Water everywhere around, but as it was quite hot, it was a welcoming shower.
On the second day I went to the Brazilian side of the falls. It wasn’t possible to get that close to the falls, but the overview was definitely better then from the Argentinian side. As on the Argentinian side all the hiking and walking around could by done by myself (I only took the tourist train to el Gargante, because of time and distance), on the Brazilian side, just after buying the ticket at the entrance, everyone was squeezed into a shuttle bus, which had different stops. In the beginning of this visit, it was raining most of the time and I wasn‘t really prepared for that weather, I decided just to go to the last trail, where I got close to the falls. Fortunately the sun came out a bit in the afternoon.
After coming back to the hostel, I had dinner and some drinks together with two Australians and prepared for my next 20 hour journey to Rosario, which started the following morning.

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