Cordoba – i werd narrisch

37 years too late, but I made it to Cordoba.
Argentina‘s second biggest city, almost the size of Vienna, had some nice colonial buildings in the city center. Also lots of young people, mainly to different universities in town, lots of bars and cafe‘s.

My highlight of the city was definitely visiting the stadium, where a certain football game took place during the 1978 world cup. First I asked at the hostel and they told me, that‘s only possible to get there by taxi. Fortunately I found out that there were also public buses, which were a lot cheaper. One hour on the bus later, going through several suburbs of Cordoba, I finially arrived at stadium Mario Alberto Kempes. Unfortunately there wasn‘t any possibility to see the stadium from the inside, but I walked around and could also see parts of this whole sports campus. They had several other football grounds, a swimming pool and also a training circuit for bicycles. Going back to town I bought some groceries for dinner and went back to the hostel, where I met Dominik, a guy from Switzerland and he was as crazy about football as me. Later in the evening we ended up talking about Austria Salzburg for hours.
On my last day in Cordoba I would have planned to go to Villa General Belgrano, a german village, where some people are still speaking a special form of german ( => Belgranodeutsch). But as I woke up too late and I decided not to go there because it would have been a 2 hours bus ride and I had to catch my bus to Mendoza in the evening. Instead I went to see the Parque Sarmiento I didn’t expect such a huge park in the city. After having siesta there I went back to the hostel to organze my ongoing journey. Later Dominik and me where watching several football games (including Champions League and Copa Libertadores) to kill the time until our buses where leaving.

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