Punta Arenas – Chile’s biggest city in the South

Although Punta Arenas has a population of roughly 120.000 people there was not too much to do.
After the three hour busride from Puerto Natales, it was quite difficult to find the hostel. The address in the booking said number 0690, so I assumed that it was the same as 690. But as there was no number 690, I went to the tourist information and they told me, that I was in the correct street, but I had to go to the very end. Doing this, I made it down to number 1 and recognized that then the numbers started to rise again, but with a leading 0. So it was 0690 and not 690 and after walking for more then 30 minutes, I found the hostel. The hostel was quite new and had an awesome view over the Strait of Magellan, as it was just 300m away from the beach.

The 2 days spent there, I took it quite easy. The 1st day, it was mainly walking around in the city and doing a bit of sightseeing. The cemetery was similar to the one I visited already in Le Recoleta in Buenos Aires earlier. Quite interesting to see that most of the names from people who died around 1900 where either croatian, german or english due the immigration. In the evening I was out with Nick, with whom I did the W-Trek in Torres del Paine. The second day I went to see some penguins in Seno Otway, a one-hour-ride away from the city. It was great fun to watch them…

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