Road to Buenos Aires


After having dinner and some beers with my sister and some friends, I went to the trainstation in Salzburg around 1am last Saturday to catch the train to Venice. Some hours with a good sleep later, I arrived in Italy. After a coffee break and sitting in the sun at Canale Grande I took the Vaporetto to the airport to get my first flight to Istanbul.

In Istanbul I had a short walk through the historical center I went back to the hostel. The next day I got up at 6am and went to the airport to get the long flight to Buenos Aires. The flight itself was quite unspectacular and after long 17 hours and a stopover in Sao Paolo I arrived in Buenos Aires around 11pm local time, which was 3am in Europe. I was waiting and waiting for my luggage, but it didn’t show up. At the end thee was an older couple from Naples and me who were still waiting for our luggage. When we checked with the guy from Turkish Airlines, he knew already about our problem and told us, that they made a mistake in Istanbul and our luggage will be sent the next day. Finally I received my bag with fresh clothes and all my stuff on Wednesday evening.
After going through the immigration, I took a shuttle to the city center and they dropped me off at the hostel.

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