way back home

After some interesting days in Singapore and after three great months in Asia it was time to go home.

On my day of departure I made it quite early to the airport. Main reason for this was that I was already checked in, but I found out that my seat was in the very middle of the plane, where I assumed that it wouldn’t be great fun for me sitting there for almost 13 hours. Fortunately the lady at the check in could change my seat, so that I had enough space for my legs.

I still had to wait for some hours, which I spent with reading and drinking beer – quite surprised that the cheapest beer in Singapore I found on the airport. For only 3€ for a can. 😉

The flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur was unspectacular. Some 40 minutes later I landed in the capital of Malaysia. After changing the terminal to be at the right gate for my flight to Frankfurt, this was the first time it really felt like going home. Almost only german speaking people were queueing at the gate. I was not too keen on being surrounded by german speaking people, knowing that I will be in Salzburg 25 hours later, but nevertheless it was time to leave beautiful Asia and so I boarded together with the other passengers.

During the 13 hour flight I was glad that I could sleep for at least seven hours. The rest of the time I spent with trying to watch Grand Budapest Hotel and try to not fall asleep, eating and talking to my neighbour. Gerd from Switzerland was quite an interesting guy. Guess he was aged between 50 and 60 and he told me that he has been sailing between India and the South Pacific for the last 25 years and now he’s heading back to Switzerland for some weeks to “check a woman out more in detail” and convince her to join him on his sailing trips. Some interesting, sometimes also weird stories later, we landed at Frankfurt airport around 6.30 am. Gerd also invited me to join him on one of his tours. An interesting cheap option to see some other parts of Asia. Before my departure some people were quite worried, when I told them that I was flying home with Malaysia Airlines. But it was the cheapest flight and I did never feel unsecure on their planes and had always a good service. Besides that they were not flying via the Ukraine, but via some other interesting countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Irak.

When entering the terminal in Frankfurt, I was suddenly reminded of my previous trips to here, when I was still working for my old company. Anything better then a wonderful “Morsche!” in the local dialect?!?

After some breakfast I went to the train station to catch my ICE to Munich and then continuing to Salzburg. Quite a surprise that it started to rain when the train left Freilassing and was running towards the Austrian border. 😉


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