melting pot Singapore

At the end of my three months journey I visited Singapore for a couple of days.

First Singapore was not on the list of my destinations, but as it turned out that the flights from there to Europe were much cheaper then from Hongkong, I decided to spend the money and some additional days there.

After walking around in the city for three days, I was quite fascinated about all the different cultural influences. The small country has four different official languages (English, Chinese, Tamil and Malaysian). I was living in Little India, which was just next to the arabic quarter. The biggest surprise I found in Chinatown when I was walking through the streets and was suddenly in front of a real Austrian sausage kiosk, having all the austrian sausage specialities. In the rest of the city you could find everything from asian crazyness to british coolness.

Also I went swimming twice. There was a little Island, Sentosa, in front of the main island of the city. This island was basically just an entertainment park, but offered also some beaches, which were not too bad. Although the island was more or less in the middle of Singapore harbour the water quality was quite ok. The only bad thing were thousands of young australian tourists, making loud parties at the beach.

Singapore was as expensive as Hongkong. The hostel was 20€ per night (in China I could spend 4 nights with the same amount of money), alcohol was very expensive (6-8€ for a large beer in the restaurant, even 3-4€ in the supermarket), but there were also some food markets, where I could get some food for 2-3€.

All in all 3 days were enough to spend in Singapore. There are not too many sights, but it was fun to see the different cultures living together.


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