Road to Singapore

After some great days in Hongkong, it was time to move to my last stop in Asia: by plane to Singapore.

Luckily there was a direct bus from my hostel to the airport. I arrived there after a 50 minutes ride and checked in. For some reason we started with a delay of 30 minutes in Hongkong and arrived at 11pm at Singapore airport. After going through the immigration I picked up my luggage and changed my remaining Hongkong Dollars into Singapore Dollars. All that done I was about to go through the customs in the channel with nothing to declare. One of the officers there thought, they need to check my luggage. As I had nothing to hide and everything was ok, I could leave the arrival zone.

At Singapore airport there was a shuttle service from the airport to most of the hostels and hotels, including my one. For 5€ I was brought directly to my hostel without walking around or taking some public transport. A very convenient way to get at midnight on the other way of the city.


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