China roundup – traveling the country with the highest population in the world

In China all places were crowded, but nevertheless it was a great experience to visit this country.
After being six weeks in Mongolia, where except Ulan Bator, there were not too many people, it was quite a shock arriving in Beijing. Not only millions of people, but also the climate changed to very hot and very humid. Some hours of acclimatisation later, I could enjoy the city very much. Beijing and Hongkong I liked most in China. There were lots of things to see and to do and people seemed friendly and open minded. Might be also that it was due to that I spent my time in Beijing most of the time together with other people, whereas the rest of the country I traveled alone. In the rest of China, especially in the Emei Shan region, there were just loud chinese tourists everywhere. Later it turned out that there are currently national summer holidays and the whole country is traveling. I had to change my travel plans, as many trains were already booked out. All places I went to where crowded and too loud. This with in combination with a very hot and humid climate was sometimes too much. Enjoying the scenery was not really possible. When I arrived in Hongkong, people seemed to be more relaxed. Might be either the fact that people in the south of China are just different or the british influence or the fact, that Hongkong is situated next to the sea. Also the hostels in China where different to the other countries I traveled. Only the ones in Chengdu and Emei showed some bits of liveliness, but the rest of the hostels just seemed steril with lots of beds but no common area, which was very convenient in Russia and Mongolia. I know now, that I would consider coming back to China, but definitely outside the high season, when fewer people are traveling, because I think, that it’s a very exciting country, where there are lots of things to see and to explore.

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