Xian – the city of the terracotta boys

First I would have planned to stay five days in Xian, but as I heard, that there is besides the terracotta army and the muslim quarter not too much going on, I shortened the stay to two nights.

On my first evening I arrived around 7pm in the hostel, which was easy to find. After getting myself organized there, I walked into the city center to search some food in the muslim quarter. It was a great scenery: smells from the chinese and muslim kitchen where everywhere. It didn’t take too long, that my mission was successful and I made my way back home. The following day it was time to visit the terracotta army, one of the most important and famous sights in China.

After a 2 hour bus ride I arrived at the place, outside the city. There were already thousands of other tourists walking through the streets full of food and souvenirs, which where between the parking lot and the entrance. After getting my ticket I was walking around on the area for some hours and liked very much, what I saw. There was still some excavation going on. E.g. for the biggest pit, where the archaeologists think, that there are more then 6000 warriors in the earth, so far only 2000 have been excavated. After some lunch I went back to Xian. In the evening it was time for the muslim quarter again. This time I brought my camera and made some pics.

On my last day in Xian, I first wanted to buy the missing train ticket from Chongching to Chengdu (details later), then I wanted to visit the Shanxi Historical Museum, which I skipped, because of the very long queue at the entrance. Finally the visit of the great white goose pagoda, a 1500 year old tower in the city, worked fine. Also there was a nice park around, where I spent some time, before it was time to go back to the hostel to prepare for my journey to Chengdu.


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