Tomsk – Siberia’s oldest city

As already mentioned earlier I spent my last weekend in Tomsk. This detour from the mainroute of the transsiberian railway was definitely worth its time and money. So far this was the most quiet city where I’ve been to in Russia. 25% of the 500.000 people living there are students, hardly any police and the people were quite friendly.

Most people I tried to talk to spoke English and were surprised that someone from so far away is visiting their city. After making the first tour through the city I went to bed quite early on Saturday. On Sunday I had a look into one of the streets, which were mainly built of wooden houses, that are quite typical for Siberia. All in all this was a good exchange to the big cities I’ve visited before.

Later on it was just about for my longest trip so far. 35 hours to Irkutsk

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